"We're about performance, not profits."

IDX Broker Real Estate Websites, SEO, Logo Design, Branding, Social Media, Ghost Blogging, and other marketing tools, all designed by Agents, for Agents!

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Why Choose Us?

The more you learn about the history of our company, the more you’ll realize just why we are a natural solution to your marketing needs.

Our company grew not from a quest for profit, but rather a desire to keep real estate agents and other business owners from being continually overcharged, often for a sub-par real estate wordpress and IDX Broker websites that were never designed with them in mind. Ask ten people if they’re happy with their web design and marketing service and over and over again you’ll hear, “NO!” Why don’t they change? Simply because it’s either too much trouble or, more likely, because the company now owns their entire real estate website and it's customized IDX content.”

As the founder of Agent Focus, I am first and foremost a Realtor, with over 2000 successful transactions, and 25 years as one of the top selling Realtors in the world. As you might imagine, my real estate business pays the bills, and so I don’t need to get rich providing these services to others. Rather it’s something I’ve been passionate about since I designed my first website back in 1994, in the very infancy of the Internet. I have spoken nationally on creative marketing on countless occasions and mentored many others over the years, and during a quiet time last winter, when real estate sales were quiet and my team was available, I finally launched Agent Focus, and began this exciting journey. 

Since then, we have had the pleasure of designing many sites for agents from Keller Williams, Prudential, REMAX, Coldwell Banker and a host of different companies, tuned up existing sites for others, consulted on SEO and other strategies, provided custom blogging content, and worked on dynamic marketing pieces from magnetics to logo design.

You name it, we can do it, at a price that won’t break the bank, because again, we’re not in it for us, we’re in it for you.

Steve Levine, President