One of the greatest investments an agent, or any business owner could ask for is investing in a private coach. This person is an experienced resource, a mentor, and accountability partner, and a friend who brings decades of experience to the table.

Survivability in this industry has never been easy, yet just being in the business for 28 years as I have, or even having sold over 2000 homes, doesn’t make one qualified to be a coach.  Yes, I have all the awards and trophies, and have thrown most of them away.  I’ve personally earned over $10M in commissions, in a market with an average sales price in the 300k range, and done it all with no assistants.   Still, that in and of itself means nothing.   Rather it is my background that I bring to the table, as an innovator, and a  marketing guru who was always one step ahead of the curve, dipping my toe into that grey area from time to time, and doing that which had never been tried.

To say that I’ve learned quite a bit would be an understatement, but one thing agents around the country will tell you is that I’ve always been willing to share.   I’ve spoken nationally at countless events, been featured on worldwide satellite broadcasts, and always worked on a goal of bringing the industry to the next level.

For private coaching clients, I am here to work with you to innovate and grow your business, and together, I know we can do amazing things.

You will have a special phone number with with to reach me, participate in weekly private and group calls, Skype chats, and have a private email address which is only for coaching clients, and will reach me wherever I might be.  This way we can truly be a team, sharing in your success as you grow your business, hopefully avoiding the pitfalls and money-wasting that I had to learn about the hard way.

Coaching is billed monthly, at $300/mo, with a 6 month, minimum term.  If you wish to pay in advance, you can receive 3 additional months free. (a $2,700 Value)    You also receive a free month for any referrals you send our way.

Unlike most products I offer, I do not accept all coaching clients, just due to an ability to pay.   Purchase your coaching package, and we will set up a call, and make sure that we are a good fit for each other.  If either of us doesn’t think we could work well together, the entire package will be refunded.   All I really ask, for course, is for a client that’s open minded and willing to learn.  From there, we can create magic!

I look forward to hearing from you.