Content Blogging Services

I’m going to tell you a Search Engine Optimization secret that seems so obvious, yet is completely ignored by 99.9% of people on the internet.  Instead of focusing on how you can fool the search engines into ranking your website higher, all you really and truly need to do is what they’ve been telling you all along…give them relevant content that people want to reach, and they’ll reward you in spades, with top search engine position.  It’s really quite that simple.  If that’s the case, however, then why in the world aren’t people focusing on just providing that content, both for their clients and for the search engines?

Writing content focused on your user has always been essential, but the key is in knowing what differentiates user friendly content from purely search engine content and combining the best of each into the final product.  Is it hard to do? Not really. In fact, very little of what we offer here at Agent Focus is “hard to do.”  On the other hand, it’s time consuming, and realistically you probably have more dollar productive things you could be doing, and that’s why most agent’s blogs sit as empty as a ghost town.  What’s funny though, or sad, depending how you view it, is that they still have a link on their website to their blog.  Seriously, if you’re not going to update it, at least get rid of the button.  No content is better than poor content.

The topic of using ghost written blog posts is a very sensitive one, both for agents, and for the search engines.  There are several companies that I won’t name, who sell the same “canned blog content” to hundreds of agents, for $200-$400 a month!  If you pull up any of those agents blogs, and paste a sentence into Google, you’ll see hundreds of their clients, all with the exact same post.  Not only isn’t it optimized for their area, but often some of the content doesn’t even apply to their region of the country.  It looks bad for the consumer, and worse for the search engines, who view it as blog spam.

Here at Agent-Focus, we take a very different approach.  It’s not always about having long articles, but rather maintaining a consistent approach.  By customizing blog articles just for you and your region, and optimizing them for your needs, we create a consistent presence on your blog that you’ll be proud to call your own and post them automatically to your site while you do what you do best, which is to sell real estate.

You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly posting.