Online Newspaper Theme

Newspaper ThemeOne of my all time best investments

Eight years ago, while being somewhat bored on vacation and frustrated with the cost of advertising in the local papers, I postulated what it would be like if I actually owned the most widely read newspaper in my community. Not only would it be a fantastic resource for my community, keep my real estate business in front of the public, and generate revenue in the form of advertising sales, but of course I would be the only real estate agent with the ability to advertise in it.

With those thoughts in mind, I set off to perfect a template that would do all of those things at the same time, and it took off beyond my wildest imagination. We have days when we may see 5000+ page views, in a community of only 13,000 households. Each page view not only is informative, of course, but is repeat branding, over and over again.

Running the paper is not as time consuming as you might think, taking less than an hour or two a week, and delegated to my assistant. The vast majority of the content is submitted by local community groups, thrilled to be able to get their message out, or by select local professionals, who are honored to be columnists in a local paper, promoting their own businesses, and sometimes even willing to pay monthly for the privilege of having their own column to market with.

Other benefits? Well, your favorite rock group is coming to town, and you want to interview them for the paper, a simple email to management is all it takes. Bartering advertising for products or services, co-marketing with local businesses who have an extensive email database, and so much more.

When you purchase this package, it comes with a custom header and footer, all categories and ads set up as you specify and ready with “dummy content” in place, installation of your IDX widgets, full installation, and of course, training in the use of the site.

Do it properly, and you’ll make your money back in advertising alone withing two months, and then turn into not just the greatest marketing tool, but a profit center as well!

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While you’re looking at this theme and the limitless potential it has for enhancing your business, let me show you another amazing way to use the same exact theme, interfaced with IDX Broker,  to create a site that it less about “news” but rather a showcase of different property specifications, towns, styles, etc, in a very interesting format. You can sell advertising on it to lenders, attorneys, inspectors, and turn the entire thing into a profit center, as well as the first point of contact for the consumers. Here is a sample of one that I set up today, not really completed but just to give you an idea of what’s possible

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