Existing Website Tune Up

One of the most wonderful things about the internet in todays society is that is a dynamic tool, in which any business, large or small, has an opportunity to present to the marketplace.  Of course, the word dynamic assumes that once a website is created, it’s going to be updated continuously with fresh information, and this is where many businesses, real estate or otherwise, fall short.  So many people have a website created and then never touch it again, either because they have no time or just don’t know how.  Countless times, we look at sites and find dead links, outdated or inaccurate information, and contact buttons that don’t work property.  Behind the scenes, there are often issues with the html and CSS code behind the scenes, hurting Search Engine Optimization efforts or just causing the site to run slowly, hurting the user experience.   Among the vital and most common issues, is the failure of the site to be mobile responsive.  While that seemed like an afterthought ten years ago, today it is nothing short of vital that your site be responsive in the browsers of clients using a host of different mobile phones, iPads, or other such devices.

This is where Agent Focus can come to the rescue with a host of services.

Overall Website Evaluation and Report

We start with an evaluation of the current framework and condition of your current website, and provide you with a report of what we think can be done to solve some of the issues quickly, easily, and affordably.  Sometimes, these things are a very simple fix.  Other times, it is less costly to just spend a few hundred dollars and rebuild the site from scratch, on an up to date template that already addresses the issues at stake.  This is a free service, billed to you at $50, but then applied to any work order you may choose.



Content Creation and Addition

If your website is like most, you have many things you wanted to add to the site, and just never had the time or knowledge to do.  This is where Agent Focus steps in with its website content creation tools.

For real estate agents, the obvious things missing from most websites are pages that define a Mission Statement, About Us, Buyer/Seller Tips, and most importantly, Community-Specific Information pages.  I can’t stress the latter item enough.  You are an agent in the Chicago suburbs, and cover 6 different towns, yet your website has no specific pages dedicated to those communities.   A consumer searching for Naperville, IL real estate information has just no way of finding your website at all, which is why it’s not delivering the results you had expected.   We will take a list of communities from you, create custom town specific pages, optimize them for the Search Engines and add them to your existing website.  If need be, we will add a custom menu tab for “communities” with a drop down that has a list of the towns, each linking to their individuals pages.  For IDX  Broker clients, we can also add a community specific showcase widget.  Here is an example of a Community Specific Page with IDX Broker Widget.

For other non-real estate businesses, the process is much the same. We will go through both your site and those of some of your competitors, talk about what content you may wish to add, and then work with you to create it, and have it placed in your site within days, bringing your site to a level that you’re be proud of.

The items above are meant for semi-permanent inclusion into your website in the form of pages.  For real estate websites, a completely separate service involves weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blogging.  For these clients, we will customize SEO optimized blog articles and post them as scheduled, directly to your website.  To learn more about this service, click this link Real Estate Blogging.







Custom Website Header and Footer Creation

Want to make your website stand out from the rest? How about the creation of a customized header and footer to add to your existing site? We have several different options available, and each of them brings a unique touch that will truly make your website shine. Here’s an example of one of my favorite headers. You can see it in action by clicking the image itself, and while you’re there, check out the footer as well.




In addition to the drop down menu options, some agents have opted to enhance their home page with the use of a map based graphical user interface, or GUI.

Home Page Geographic Map Creation

In addition to the drop down menu options, some agents have opted to enhance their home page with the use of a map based graphical user interface, or GUI.  The map you see below is our “Home Page Geographic Map – LARGE” feature.  If you are interested in only displaying 1-3 towns, you may choose our “Home Page Geographic Map – SMALL” option.

Image Map