Real Estate IDX Themes

Here at Agent Focus, we didn’t try to shoehorn Real Estate or IDX into a theme was was meant for another purpose.  Our themes were all built specifically around the needs of the real estate industry and the IDX interface. We have spent countless hours redesigning the core aspects of the site, and include it each package purchased a set of plug-ins to optimize the performance of the theme around the needs of the industry.  Each site comes with a free one year subscription to Back Up Buddy, ($80) to enable you keep your site constantly backed up to an external drive or online storage system.

When you purchase one of the themes below, you get something truly turn key and ready, not just an empty framework.

1. We will handle the full install the theme on your domain.  If you don’t already have a domain registered, we will refer you to one of our favorite hosting companies where you get all you need for $6/month.   Please don’t use GoDaddy if you can help it.  They are so hard to work with and are constantly trying to sell you more products you don’t need.

2. Once the theme is installed at your domain, we will make customizations for you, adding your contact information, photos, and creating blank pages for up to three communities that you specify.

3. If you have existing content on another site, or if you sent us that content in a word document, we will install that for you on up to five pages.   Commonly, agents will send us an “About Me” page, or “Why Choose Us” etc.

4. As part of the IDX setup, will install your IDX API code, create a global wrapper, install your sign up and search pages, your request a market analysis pages, featured homes widget, and up to three showcase widgets for your community pages.

5. We will provide you with a personal phone or Skype tutorial so that you’ll be able to learn in just a few minutes, how to easily add content to your site, post to your blog, and do all the things to truly make it an interactive tool that you’ll be proud of.


Here are a list of some of the current themes we have available for you to choose from. Note that those sites with photos as background will be done with a photo you select that is representative of your area.

Don’t see something you like?  Perhaps there’s one you like, but would want to customize?  Feel free to email and ask, because it may be something very simple for us to do at no charge.

Click any theme below to view live demo site