REMAX Leadstreet Websites

While we work with agent form all firms, we had some requests early on from REMAX Agents interested in custom enhancements to their existing REMAX Leadstreet Sites.  Other companies have done these in the past, and it’s important to note just what they are and are not able to do, and why you should be very careful just how you approach them.

For starters, while you can change the colors right in Leadstreet, and even create custom links and pages, you have to be careful investing too much time and energy in that, because ultimately you don’t own that site and it can go away at any time.  Investing any energy trying to build out SEO is pointless, because if REMAX ever changes the system or does away with it altogether, your hard work has been for nothing.   In addition, no outside companies can really make any substantive changes to the functionality of the site itself, and while it is a nice tool, and a fantastic asset to your marketing efforts, it is cumbersome to work with, in comparison to interfaces such as wordpress.

What outside firms such as ours do, when it comes to “REMAX Mainstreet Enhancements” is somewhat of a misnomer.  Basically it involves just creating a really nice wordpress site, from any of the existing themes you’ve already seen here, and then using the widgets that are built into the REMAX Mainstreet site you already have, to run them, instead of an outside IDX.   When a client goes to “search listings” on your new wordpress site, they’ll be searching, registering, requesting information, etc., within the Mainstreet system.

If you absolutely don’t want your own IDX system, which is really and truly the best way to go, then at least having your own unique site running off the REMAX search is better than having nothing at all.  In this way, you’ll have a gorgeous interface, that isn’t the same as every other agents, and you’ll be able to customize it, blog to it, and market it the way you should.  At some future date, if you opt to go the IDX route, it’s an easy thing to just add that in place on the existing site, without ruining any of your hard word.

In terms of cost, it’s the same as a regular IDX site.   Just select your theme from our Real Estate IDX theme page.  Then select the product option below and input that theme name in the appropriate field.  We will reach out to you from there, and make it happen.