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Required Information

Required information needed to start your website.
  • You will Need a Registerd Domain to Continue. Follow the Instructions below if you do not have one already.

    First, go to and register the domain name that you want. (Select the cheapest hosting package they offer. I think it's $5.95. When you do that, they will send you the log in information for "cpanel" which is what we will need to install the website for you. When you select a domain name, don't worry about a "pretty" one. This site should be optimized for search engines and nothing is more important than the URL itself. In other words, you want to register, as opposed to Once the site is up and running, you can always "point" a pretty domain name to it, and use that on your business cards, but for Google, you want the url to be keyword rich. By the way, please don't ask if you can just use GoDaddy. They are the worst people I've ever dealt with, and constantly try and get you to upgrade. For paid sites, I'll jump through the hoops of trying to work with them, but for the freebie ones, just make it easy on us and use a system we work with all the time. It's so much cheaper and easier and includes everything for the $5/mo hosting fee).
  • If you do not have a domain currently registerd please go to to register a domain name.
  • If you have a current website, please enter it here.
  • IDX Broker

    If you have not signed up for IDX Broker when you checked out, go back to and choose the IDX Sign Up product. You can also follow these instructions: (you will still be required to select the IDX option from our website which will also give you the link to register... Go to the IDX Broker website, and register there for the IDX Platinum account, which is the back end IDX that runs all the websites. Use this link to sign up, which will cc us and enable us to log in and manage the account.
  • Custom Information

    Please fill out the information below which will help us customize your website.
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        Please upload photos you would like displayed on your website (if applicable) This includes Slider photos and Header image photos.
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          Upload a photo you would like to use for your background. (if applicable) Leave blank to use standard setting.
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            Upload a Bio of you and your business.
          • Use if you don't have a bio to upload.